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Tear It Down!
by John Norquist

Portland, OR:
Harbor Drive

San Francisco, CA:
Embarcadero Freeway

San Francisco, CA:
Central Freeway

Milwaukee, WI:
Park East Freeway

Toronto, Ontario: Gardiner Expressway

New York, NY:
West Side Highway

Niagara Falls, NY:
Robert Moses Parkway

Paris, France:
Pompidou Expressway

Seoul, South Korea
Cheonggye Freeway

Other Freeway Removals

Freeway Removal
Plans and Proposals

From Induced Demand
to Reduced Demand
by Charles Siegel



Other Freeway Removals

This page includes information about other freeway removals that have occured since we created this web site, which was one of the first web sites to provide histories of how freeways have been removed. Now, the subject has become so popular that we can include links to articles about freeway removals.

Rochester Inner Loop

Rochester, NY, is filling in a sunken freeway that cut off downtown from surrounding neighborhoods and replacing it with a surface boulevard, opening up 6 acres of land for new development.

For more information, see this article from streetsblog.


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